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Your estate plan is your life plan.

It’s everything you’ve worked for, everything you’ve built.

Whether you are married, have children, have assets to protect, own a business, or just want to make sure you are prepared for whatever life brings your way, an estate plan puts you in control.

At least, if you want to be.

Estate planning helps protect the people you care about the most by saving them from chaos, family feuds, probate court while they are dealing with your loss.

An estate plan is a legal tool designed to help you preserve your assets, carry out your wishes, and protect your family after you are gone.

The reality is that no matter whether you have a plan or not, somebody will have to make decisions about how you are cared for or how your last wishes are carried out.

The worst thing you can do is leave important decisions about your health, last wishes and assets to your loved ones.

No one wants to be put in the position to “guess” what you want. And that “guessing” is what inevitably leads to family feuds because — big surprise — family doesn’t always agree with each other.

When heirs disagree, the potential for a family riff or costly court battle becomes a very real possibility and then ultimately, the final decision is made by a judge in court.

Hi, my name is Will Stafford. I am an estate planning attorney and business lawyer that helps people like you make the best legal decisions they can, whether for your estate or your business.

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