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Handling S Corporation Interests in Estate Planning: Electing Small Business Trusts and Qualified Subchapter S Trusts

One of the many challenges of owning a small business is determining the appropriate tax classification of the business. When an individual owns a business entity that is classified either entirely or partially as an S corporation, it is important...

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4 Financial Hacks To Kickstart Your Startup

Getting your business off the ground can be challenging in many ways. But perhaps the most challenging aspect of launching a startup involves funding your business in the early stages. Getting the cash flowing and keeping it flowing is the...

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5 Best Practices To Ensure Liability Protection From Your LLC

Many business owners structure their business as a limited liability company (LLC) because like corporations, LLCs offer personal liability protection for their owners. But unlike corporations, LLCs are not required to adhere to many of the same burdensome corporate formalities...

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4 Reasons Why You Should Never Cut Corners With Your Legal Agreements

Running a business is a huge responsibility, so it’s likely that placing significant thought and effort into your legal agreements is fairly low on your list of priorities. In order to save time and money, you may be tempted to...

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Disability Insurance: What You Should Know

If you must work in order to earn your income, you need to have disability insurance. That said, purchasing such insurance is a “buyer beware” situation. When it comes to most disability insurance policies, you must be aware of the...

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Debunking 4 Popular Myths About Business Entities

Setting up the right legal structure for your business may seem like a boring detail that you don’t need to spend much time on. In reality, selecting the right entity for your company is one of the most critical decisions...

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