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10 Pitfalls To Avoid With Your Company’s Legal Agreements—Part 1

Agreements are the heart of your business. Your entire business is one vast series of agreements: agreements with investors and lenders, clients and vendors, employees and contractors, as well as partners and customers. Yet, despite the critical role they play...

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How an Estate Plan Can Protect Your Business & Family

You’ve most likely dedicated significant time and energy to creating a vision for your business, executing that vision, and even writing up a detailed business plan for the growth of your business. However, far fewer business owners put the same...

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How To Save Big Money On Your 2022 Taxes—Part 2

Taxes are a thorn in just about every business owner’s side and your single biggest business expense. That said, it’s fairly easy to reduce the amount of sting taxes cause—but you have to be proactive. We’re not talking about doing...

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How To Save Big Money On Your 2022 Taxes—Part 1

When you first realize that your biggest personal and business expense—bar none—is taxes, it can come as quite a shock. Seeing so much of your hard-earned money wind up in the government’s hands can feel like a shakedown. That said,...

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If you are considering starting your own business, you’ll need to get clear on a number of issues to ensure both you and your operation are properly positioned for success. Oftentimes, aspiring entrepreneurs jump headfirst into business ownership, with false...

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Handling S Corporation Interests in Estate Planning: Electing Small Business Trusts and Qualified Subchapter S Trusts

One of the many challenges of owning a small business is determining the appropriate tax classification of the business. When an individual owns a business entity that is classified either entirely or partially as an S corporation, it is important...

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