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TOD Beneficiary: What You Should Know

Your named beneficiaries will likely have to go through probate to receive your real property after your death if it is only in your name and not held in trust. Although transferring property into trust can ensure your family does...

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Wedding Bells Later in Life? What Newlywed Seniors Need to Know About Their Estate Plans

Some seniors don’t expect to remarry after a divorce or the death of a spouse. However, life is full of surprises. You could meet someone at any age, even during your retirement years. Many older adults bring various assets and...

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Why Estate Planning is the Best Holiday Gift You Can Give

This holiday season, give your family the gift of peace of mind by getting your estate planning in order. No one likes to think about their own mortality, but it's important to have a plan in place that deals with...

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Is a Defect a Good Thing? Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts in Estate Planning

The notion that your estate plan contains a defect would not normally be welcomed as good news. But despite the moniker, an intentionally defective grantor trust (IDGT) can be an advantageous tool for minimizing estate taxes and maximizing the money...

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Do Not Forget These Four Important Considerations When Planning Your Overseas Travel

Whether it is your first trip or your fiftieth, planning for international travel can be exciting and sometimes stressful. Among the items on your to-do list are stopping the mail, calling your credit card companies, and arranging for the care...

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Your Planning Team for Your Next Adventure

When planning your next great travel adventure, you may decide that you can do it yourself. You know what you and your travel companions want to see and do, how much you are willing to pay, and the most convenient...

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