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Safeguarding Your Future: Legal Tips for Unmarried Seniors Cohabiting

As we age, companionship and shared responsibilities become more valuable. Many seniors are choosing cohabitation over solitude for mutual support and to cut costs. However, this arrangement brings about some legal nuances that need addressing. Here, we will delve into...

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Was Your Loved One a Book Lover? Think Twice Before You Throw Them Out

An individual’s belongings—such as jewelry, furniture, photographs, and books—sometimes slip through the cracks of their estate plan. While certain books may be gifted to a beneficiary in a loved one’s will, a book lover may leave behind other books that...

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Pros and Cons of Adding an Adult Child to a Bank Account

Are you a senior who is contemplating adding an adult child to your bank account to help manage your finances? It may seem like an easy solution for getting assistance with bill payments, but it's crucial to weigh the pros...

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Special Needs Planning for Families With Military Service Members

special needs planning for military families
For families raising children with disabilities, having an effective plan in place is essential for providing them with the care and support they need throughout their lives. Unfortunately, this process can be complex and difficult for those who are unfamiliar...

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Beyond the Unexpected: Navigating Incapacity With a Strategic Plan

how to plan for incapacity
It's a fact of life: none of us are immune to incapacity. We can be faced with it in our own lives or find ourselves caring for someone who is incapacitated due to illness or injury. It can come as...

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Will Vs. Living Will: What’s the Difference?

difference between a will and a living will
Another birthday passes by, and you feel content. You and your spouse have raised three wonderful children. You're satisfied with your job and make time for all your hobbies. Even though you're another year older, you're in great shape and...

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