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Managing Child Care While Dealing With COVID-19: Tips For Single Parents – Part 1

Even though there are now vaccines for COVID-19 and the number of new cases is on the decline, becoming infected with the virus is still a very real possibility. And for parents who become infected, it can be a colossal...

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3 Things You Must Consider Before Filing Business Bankruptcy

With the government-mandated shutdowns and loss of business due to the pandemic, you may be thinking about filing for bankruptcy to deal with your company’s debt. However, even though bankruptcy is a valid option that can give you a chance...

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Larry King’s Death Highlights the Importance of Updating Your Estate Plan for Divorce and Death

Legendary TV and radio host, Larry King, died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on January 23rd, 2021 at age 87. Larry was hospitalized in December due to COVID-19, but he’d recently been moved from the ICU to a...

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Securing Funding For Your Business: Equity vs Debt Investments

As you grow your company, you may discover that it’s time to move beyond leveraging your personal credit to fund your business, whether through business or personal credit cards, and look for outside investors or lenders. When it comes to...

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Rethink Your Relationship With Legal Agreements: What You Need to Know About Boilerplate Terms

This is the third in an ongoing series covering the value legal agreements bring to your business beyond the surface. From boosting your bottom line and expanding your business to hiring the most talented team and improving every relationship you...

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Life Insurance For Your Business: What You Should Know

As a business owner, your family members aren’t the only ones who could be devastated by your death. Should something happen to you, your team, partners, and clients could all face disastrous consequences. To address this risk, you should seriously...

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Will was extremely helpful and his communication was excellent. His timeliness and professionalism made us look excellent and well prepared in front of our customer.

Alexander B.
Business Owner

I couldn't more highly recommend Will Stafford, after working with him on my estate planning. Will took the time to genuinely understand my personal goals and values, and helped design a plan that was a perfect fit for me, rather than just using a cut-and-paste template.

Benjamin S.

Stafford Law Firm has helped me with several items over the years. Prompt and efficient. Can handle a wide variety of matters, both commercial and personal.

Jared W.

Will Stafford is an incredibly bright and knowledgeable attorney who I have worked with for many years. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the estate and wealth planning strategies relevant to professionals with families.

Benjamin A.

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