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Do I Really Need a Houston Small Business Lawyer?

Being a small business owner comes with a host of legal, financial, and compliance issues that no one person can manage on their own

Running a business requires you to be compliant with many local, state, and federal laws, including filing the right paperwork when you hire new employees. Depending on your line of business, there may be specific legal requirements that you must uphold in order to remain compliant.

If you own a small business in the Houston area and need an attorney to help you, don’t hesitate to contact a Houston small business lawyer as you scale your business.

From business succession planning to compliance issues andto contract review, Stafford Law Firm can help you stay on solid ground.

Legal Counsel for Houston Small Business Owners

Your small business deserves just as much dedication and professionalism as any large corporation. As trusted Houston small business lawyers, we make it our mission to support entrepreneurs as they scale their businesses. Running a business requires you to be compliant with many local, state, and federal laws, including filing the right paperwork when you start expanding your team.

Hiring general counsel is the next step in your journey as an entrepreneur. Instead of getting lost in the paperwork of legal, insurance, financial, and tax issues, you’ll have more time to focus on the growth of your business.

The dirty little secret that no one wants to talk about is that running a business often involves endless minutiae that, unfortunately, requires someone’s attention — except often these tasks are so excruciatingly boring or time-consuming that they endlessly move to the bottom of your never-ending to-do list.

The problem is, these tasks are often required work that needs to be done in order to ensure your business is legally compliant.

What we are talking about is the LIFT systems that make up your business. LIFT is known as the Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax issues that surround your business.

These are all the areas that can impact your business quickly if not addressed or dealt with properly.

What can a Houston Small Business Lawyer Do For You?

If any of these have been on your todo list for some time, the appropriate next step would be to schedule a free consultation, so we can address your concerns and help you understand how affordable outside general counsel really is.

Ready to Hire a Houston Small Business Lawyer?

Stafford Law Firm prides itself on helping Houston small business owners achieve their goals. We understand the delicate balance between meeting the current needs of your business and planning for the future. By hiring a Houston small business lawyer, you’ll be guided every step of the way.

Ready to see if we’re a good fit for your Houston small business? Schedule a FREE consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

A general counsel lawyer will provide legal advice and guidance on matters of law as it relates to your business and its operations.

Typically, your attorney will review and draft legal documents, manage risk, assist in negotiations, and ensure compliance with any federal, state and local laws.

A Fractional General Counsel is essentially an on-demand attorney that works for your business on a contract basis. They are not an employee, but rather provide services as needed, through an affordable subscription option or per project work.

Unless you have the ability and demand to employ an attorney full-time, it is almost never advisable to hire a full-time general counsel. You can control the costs of legal services much easier by outsourcing your legal needs as they arise or partnering with a local attorney to outsource small legal matters, like reviewing contracts and other needed legal services.

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