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When It Comes To Estate Planning, Cost Does Matter

One of the most common questions we get asked is “how much does estate planning cost?” And we understand why. When people set out to prepare an estate plan and start preparing for their future, it is only natural that they want to have an understanding of the financial impact this may have.

The thing to keep in mind when it comes to estate planning, however, is that no two families have exactly the same estate, and as such, no two families will have the same estate planning needs. If an estate planning attorney were to quote someone a total estate planning cost via email or phone without first having a thorough conversation about their needs, it would be safe to assume that they are more interested in making a quick buck than they are in truly protecting the estate of their client.

Unfortunately, this is why many estate plans end up less than sufficient for the family’s needs. Families will shop for an estate planning attorney solely based on costs because they don’t realize there is any other way to shop around. More often than not in these cases, people will end up with a very basic cookie cutter estate plan that doesn’t truly take their situation and their needs into account.

Here at Stafford Law Firm, we have the experience necessary to guide our clients through the estate planning process based on their specific situation, budget, and needs.

Our Assurance To You

We have carefully designed our estate planning services to provide you with options that will meet your needs for affordability as well as thoroughness.

We offer all of our clients a free initial consultation to make sure we will be able to provide services that meet their needs. We will gather information about your estate and your family’s goals when it comes to estate planning. From there will we be able to provide you with more details as to what specific costs you can expect, and what we feel may be the most important estate planning documents for your family.

If you do not have a current estate plan, we will be able to explain to you what the default looks like if the state were to make those decisions on your behalf. If you do have an existing plan, we will be sure to discuss with you any changes and updates that need to be made in order to make sure your family is well-protected.

The most important thing for you to remember is that we are here to help you make educated and informed decisions about your future and the future of those you hold most dear – not to give you a one-size-fits-all plan at the lowest price possible. Your family is too important to settle for that.

Estate Planning Based On Your Needs

When entering into the estate planning process with Stafford Law Firm you can feel confident that you will only be paying for the services you truly need. You are in control of your final costs since you will help dictate your family’s needs to us.

Since there really is no one estate plan that works for everybody, you will be making the decisions on how to best protect your family and your future.

For more information on what you can expect to pay for customized estate planning services, schedule your free consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Trusted estate planning lawyers will charge their fees based on the specific needs of their clients. Most estate planning attorneys stay away from offering a single, flat fee for their services because this is not in the best interest of most families. Look for an attorney that offers a free consultation and then discuss your needs with them before getting a quote. This way you can be sure you are paying specifically for the services you truly need.

Technically, yes you can do your own estate planning. That being said, it is truly not advisable. Estate planning is a complicated legal tool, and any errors or gaps in your plan could mean that your beneficiaries are left battling the courts for the inheritance you intended on leaving them.

The very first step in estate planning is to determine your goals. Having a clear understanding of what you would like to accomplish with your estate plan will help make sure nothing is left out. Meeting with an experienced estate planning attorney is the best way to make sure all of your goals are clear and well-documented before entering into the estate planning process.

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