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From incorporating your business to drafting contracts with investors — We are here to help your business grow.

Regardless of the industry, one thing is for certain. Your business is created and operated on a series of agreements – between employees, vendors, clients, partners, investors, contractors, and lenders.

For your business to operate successfully you rely on these agreements to get the job done.

Not everyone’s an expert in making deals. Many business owners struggle to draft these documents efficiently… or correctly.

We understand the future of your business relies on these strong agreements — Our team takes pride in creating transparent agreements that help you manage expectations and eliminate uncertainties.

We are here to support you through so much more than the incorporation of your business.

We want to review ALL of your current deals. If you don’t have any, let’s get to work on creating those strong agreements you need to run your business.

As your business continues to grow, we will continue to be here, complimenting your success with our professional services.

Our firm uses a unique approach to work towards a win-win situation for everyone involved. All parties clearly understand the agreements that are being signed and what their roles and responsibilities may be moving forward.

If you need documents drafted, have undocumented agreements, or none at all — We can help secure the foundation in which your business grows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While it may not be mandatory, it is STRONGLY recommended to have a business lawyer make any agreements or contracts for your business. An experienced business lawyer will help ensure these agreements are written correctly, understandable, and most importantly… Protect you and your business.

This is generally referred to as breach of contract. If all parties agreed to the contract conditions and failed to uphold those conditions, they can be found in violation of the agreement and taken to court.

There is no law that states a contract must be written by a lawyer in order for it to be recognized legally; you can draft up a contract on the back of a pizza box if you wish. However, a lawyer will help make sure that drafted correctly and it protects you.

We Help You Protect Your Tomorrow Today

Will was extremely helpful and his communication was excellent. His timeliness and professionalism made us look excellent and well prepared in front of our customer.

Alexander B.
Business Owner

Stafford Law Firm has helped me with several items over the years. Prompt and efficient. Can handle a wide variety of matters, both commercial and personal.

Jared W.

I couldn't more highly recommend Will Stafford, after working with him on my estate planning. Will took the time to genuinely understand my personal goals and values, and helped design a plan that was a perfect fit for me, rather than just using a cut-and-paste template.

Benjamin S.

Will Stafford is an incredibly bright and knowledgeable attorney who I have worked with for many years. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of the estate and wealth planning strategies relevant to professionals with families.

Benjamin A.

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