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There’s a lot more than just your money that you can leave behind…

Your family and loved ones will miss you dearly when you are gone. The sound of your voice, your kind and calming words, your reassurance; All make a world of difference for a family in mourning.

Through our thoughtful, compassionate approach to estate planning, we’ll help make sure you’ve thought about absolutely everything you can do for your family… Even when you’re not there.

What could be more heartwarming than one final message to your loved ones?

It’s our belief that estate planning is about more than just your money. Although naming beneficiaries, transferring assets, and tying up any loose ends are EXTREMELY important. We want to help you pass on the priceless – Your stories, experiences, values. Give your family some much-needed support and share your life with loved ones long after you have passed.

Here’s an all too common story

A colleague of mine had lost her dad unexpectedly. She went through a rough time over this; the one thing that brought her comfort was a voicemail message on her cell phone. Her dad left a message the same day he died… It was a very short message, but she would listen to it to hear his voice when she missed him. She kept this message on her phone for years until one day she went to listen to it, and it was gone. Her favorite memory of her dad was gone.

She would give anything to have that voicemail back on her phone.

Better yet – A recording of her dad. One last message of him speaking to her, telling her all about his hopes and dreams, life lessons, and special memories with his daughter. A gift that lasts forever.

Anyone can make a recording… But will you?

Why wouldn’t you? It’s free. You can do it from the comfort of your own home. EVERYONE should record a message for their loved ones and have it in a safe place if anything were to ever happen to them.

But so few people ever take the time to create these messages.

People are often so busy in their day to day lives that they overlook the importance of leaving behind something truly special for their loved ones to cherish.

We want to help create these special moments.

The best way to ensure you get to create these special moments for your family is to include them in your estate plan.

We understand how important these moments can be for a mourning family; our planning process ensures you have more than just your money to pass on. Stafford Law Firm is here to help you create the ultimate gift of love for your family.

Share your life with your loved ones one last time.

What could this be worth to your family?

Gestures of love like these are 100% priceless. Worth a whole lot more than just your money to family members left grieving after your departure.

What if someone close to you passed away?

What would you give to hear the sound of their voice again? What if they could share their feelings with you? Help give you the closure that you need?

What do you think that’s worth?

This is why estate planning should be about more than just your money.

Let us help you pass on your most valuable assets — Your love, stories, and experiences. Leave a TRUE legacy behind for your loved ones to cherish for years to come.

Contact us today to begin planning for everything… Not just your money.

Frequently Asked Questions

To create a good estate plan, you must assess many different factors and work through potential scenarios. Assets must be properly valued, beneficiaries and trusts appropriately titled, planned executors etc… To create a one of a kind estate plan, make it personal. Include personal recordings, documents, stories, anything that your family can remember you with in the future.

No — Video wills or any sort of digital will is not recognized by the courts in Texas. However, they do still hold great value. It provides a chance for the family to receive a final message from their loved ones after they have passed, a way for them to be remembered for who they were.

Estate planning may not be for everyone, but it is for most. Whether you have high-value assets, children, family members, or a business, there should always be a plan in place if anything were to happen to you so that your best wishes are carried out.

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