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A Family Lawyer That Is Always Here For You

Stafford Law Firm’s thorough estate planning process focuses on protecting your family’s future for many years to come. Our #1 priority is to help your family avoid court, avoid conflict, and get the help they need.

Once you’ve created an estate plan that you can be proud of, our work does NOT stop there.

The relationships we build with our clients are what make us special.

We believe that the completion of your estate plan is only the beginning of your journey with us.

We understand that your family deserves better than basic estate planning services. You need an experienced Houston family lawyer for any changes life throws your way.

​Life Changes… Your Estate Plan Should Too

Things change. Your assets change, laws change, and your life changes. We’re here to make sure your plan changes along with them.

Estate plans can become quickly outdated. You must regularly revisit your estate plan to ensure that everything goes as planned when your family needs it most.

What happens when your estate plan is not updated properly?

The courts may not honor your trust, your will, your care plan… The estate plan you created with the best intentions becomes useless. Your family inherits a potentially lengthy and expensive probate process. They’ll have to hire a lawyer to fight for the property they were entitled to.

The costs of NOT keeping your estate plan updated can greatly outweigh the costs of regular updates with your lawyer.

Fact: There is over $50 Billion+ of property in state departments of unclaimed property across the US.

Don’t allow your property to add to that.

Don’t allow your grieving family to be forced into legal conflict while trying to claim what is rightfully theirs.

Stafford Law will help you plan for the unimaginable. Again, and again, and again, for as long as you need us.

Have You Updated Your Estate Plan, Yet?

We want to hear from you… A lot! We want you to understand the importance of regularly updating your estate plan, and we want you to feel comfortable reaching out to the team. If you have any changes in your life, we want to be just a phone call away.

We’ll do our part, too — If laws change that affect your life or your estate plan, we’ll work with you to make any adjustments needed.

Our trusted team often ends up serving the whole family and future generations for years to come.

From regular estate checkups for parents and families to high-value asset business estate planning, we welcome you as part of the Stafford Law family.

We are your family lawyer for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

At a minimum, once every (3) three to (5) five years. If you’ve had a large change in assets or marital status, you should NOT wait to update your estate plan. In addition, state and federal laws can change in the future, impacting your estate plan. It’s always best to have a trusted lawyer who you can follow up with regularly.

If for any reason, you would like to make changes to your will, you have two options:

  • You can write a codicil for the will. This provides an amendment to an existing will; it must meet the same legal requirements as the original will. (Notarized and witnessed by two people)
  • A completely new will can be drafted to take the place of an old one.

A change of address does NOT require you to make immediate updates to your estate plan. It can be updated in a routine checkup with your lawyer, but it is not a matter of immediate attention. The courts recognize that the address provided is, in fact, your previous address and need no further validation beyond that.

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